Warmer weather sooths Regina residents but leaves sporting business out in the cold

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REGINA – Southern Saskatchewan has definitely seen a warming trend this fall with above seasonal temperatures.

Couple that with the lack of a major snowfall and it’s got many residents in Regina in a good mood.

“I never thought this winter was going to be like this, it’s super nice, I enjoy it,” said Alice Sun, walking along Scarth street on her way to lunch.

The attire of many people is unseasonal, with sightings of t-shirts and thin sweaters all due to the mild temperatures which are certainly not normal.


“Usually we are seeing the wind chill in the -30s, sometimes -40s,” said Global News weather specialist Tiffany Lizée.

It’s due to the effects of what’s been mentioned many times, El Niño.

“The El Niño is pushing that jet stream farther north and we’re seeing more Alberta clippers and less of those snowy colder Colorado lows,” explained Lizée

It’s a huge reversal in what residents usually expect heading in to the holiday season.

“It’s December and it’s almost Christmas and there’s no snow. [Are you happy about that?] Yeah!” said Jennifer Wood, another resident walking along Scarth.

But not everyone is feeling the warmer weather.

“”We should be riding snowmobiles but instead we’re thinking about riding motorcycles,” said Darcey Shaw, owner of outdoor sports store Alsport Sales.

The weather isn’t good news for his business. While the temperatures and the snow aren’t dropping, his sales are.

“It’s killing us. We’re down approximately 50% on snowmobile sales and of course the jackets and helmets. Also the gloves and belts and oil that the snowmobiles use we’re not selling any of that either,” said Shaw.

It’s left him and many winter sports enthusiasts asking one question.

“Our customers say the same things as we do, Where’s the snow? They all want snow as they’re avid snowmobile people. And for them Tiffany’s weather forecast is just as bad for them as it is for us,” said Shaw.

Fortunately, it’s just as bad for Tiffany too.

“I like snowy winters. I like getting out on the snowmobile, snowboarding, and ice fishing is one of my favourite past times,” added Lizée.

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