Vancouver filmmaker chronicles the daredevil world of highlining

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From his small edit space in Vancouver adventure filmmaker Levi Allen took a big step to profile an extreme sport played out high above B.C.’s backyard.

“You hope that people can get inspired by what inspired you to make the film in the first place,” Allen said.

“Untethered” documents the world of highlining, which sees daredevils walk across rope stretched between cliffs or gullies several hundred metres in the air.

“It’s so inspiring to just spend time with them because it’s all about pushing your personal limits,” he said.

No one has pushed their limits more than Spencer Seabrooke, who smashed a world record last August by crossing 64 metres of slackline suspended between two cliffs in Squamish—nearly 300 metres above the ground—without a tether or leash.

WATCH: B.C. filmmaker goes ‘untethered‘


“He is not reckless about this even to a little bit of a degree,” said Allen of Seabrooke. “He is very calculated in the steps he takes. If he didn’t have this much control, there is no way he could convince himself to stand up on one of those lines without a harness.”

To share his passion with the public, the 21-year old filmmaker is releasing ‘Untethered’ online next week.

Allen is so passionate about the project that he took to living in a van to keep expenses down.

“Living in a van for me has been less about actually living in the van but more what it’s enabled me to do,” he said.

“I haven’t successfully highlined myself yet because I’ve invested more energy towards the filming of it, but one day I’ll walk a highline and I’m looking forward to it.”

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