‘Uber must go’: taxi industry holds rally at city hall

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TORONTO — In the ongoing, heated debate against Uber, angry taxi demonstrators marched around city hall Friday chanting the phrase “Uber must go.”

The demonstration happened shortly after five taxi advocates called off a three-day hunger strike.

Members of Taxi Action, the group behind the strike, sipped on tea at 10 a.m. to mark the end of the 75-hour hunger strike.

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“I drink this to the health of all the Toronto taxi drivers and I hope this action is going to lead us to a better and brighter future for all of us,” said Behrouz Khamseh.

Sirjual Haq, one of the five taxi advocates participating in the hunger strike, was taken to hospital by paramedics.

“The last 75 hours, I have had not a single calorie in my body,” said Danny Ryan.

“This is for all the taxi industry to know that we are here together to fight the illegal operation of Uber.”

In October, council voted to find new regulations that would allow Uber to operate legally in Toronto, but asked the ridesharing company to cease operations until that time.

Susie Heath, spokeswoman for Uber Canada said  there is room in Toronto for both cabs and Uber to operate together.

“We continue to believe that collaboration is the best path forward and that there is room for all of us to serve the different needs of Torontonians,” Heath said.

Uber is still currently offering service in the city and is operating outside of the law without firm regulations.



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