Red Zone Week 13: Can Seattle continue their win streak at Minnesota?

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Every week, we want you to predict the same games as the Global BC sports team. We’ll include our viewers’ results in the standings each week.

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Global viewers last week: 3-1
Global viewers for the season: 30-14

Here’s what our anchors think this week, along with their thoughts on whether the Seattle Seahawks will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Squire Barnes: The Seahawks should be able to deal with a better Vikings team.

Seahawks 34 Vikings 27Texans 23 Bills 17Falcons 35 Bucs 31Raiders 28 Chiefs 24

OVERALL: 21-23

Barry Deley: Yikes, Seahawks lose to the Vikes.

Vikings 27 Seahawks 23Texans 24 Bills 13Bucs 26 Falcons 16Chiefs 31 Raiders 21

OVERALL: 28-16

Jay Janower: Another stiff test for the Hawks, can they get it done on the road? Vikings have only lost once at home, don’t see the Hawks handing them a 2nd home loss.

Vikings 21 Seahawks 10Texans 17 Bills 10Falcons 34 Bucs 21Chiefs 37 Raiders 17

OVERALL: 29-15

Jay Durant: Seahawks get to 3 straight, and solidify a playoff position.

Seahawks 24 Vikings 17Bills 28 Texans 24Falcons 27 Bucs 23Chiefs 24 Raiders 20

OVERALL: 26-18

Shanel Pratap: The Seahawks are getting the offence rolling again averaging 35 in the last 3 games. If the defense can keep Adrian Peterson in check, Seattle should get to 7-5.

Seahawks 24 Vikings 20Bills 27 Texans 20Bucs 31 Falcons 28Raiders 30 Chiefs 27

OVERALL: 31-13


Pratap: 31-13
Viewers: 30-14
Janower: 29-15
Deley: 28-16
Durant: 26-18
Barnes: 21-23

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