Parts of Manitoba enjoy record breaking weekend

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WINNIPEG —; The calendar reads December 7th, but if you avoid looking at the Christmas decorations in the the streets you might just think it’s spring.

In fact, over the weekend many Manitobans (especially those living in the south) enjoyed record breaking temperatures.

On Saturday, the provincial hot spot was 10.9 Celsius in McCreary. On Sunday, Morden took the honour, recording a high of 10.6 C.


The areas that have little or no snow cover got the warmest. The sun’s energy wasn’t wasted on snow melt so the atmosphere warmed much faster producing warmer temperatures.

The coming week continues to look mild and well above seasonal for the most part.

The normal daytime high is -9 C but we are staying above zero until the weekend hits when we are expected to cool to normal temperatures.

Overnight temperatures are still remaining on the “milder” side. Normal lows are -18 and we won’t be anywhere near that over the next seven days.

It’s pretty rare to see rain in the forecast in Winnipeg for December but come Wednesday that could be the case.

Clouds will move in with a forecast high of 2 C with rain during the day, and rain and/or snow in the evening.

Here’s a list of some of weekend records through the province old records are in brackets.


Gretna 7.3 C (5.0 C 1963)Gimli 7.1 C (3.9 C 1975)Carberry 6.2 C (5.0 C 1967)Emerson 5.8 C (5.0 C 1979)Island Lake 2.5 C (1.6 C 1988)


Gretna 9.9 C (6.2 C 1999)McCreary 9.3 C (7.7 C 1999)Pilot Mound 9.0 C (6.3 C 1999)Portage la Prairie 8.9 C (6.3 C 1999)Emerson 7.1 C (4.8 C 1999)

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