Pamela Anderson meets Putin’s chief of staff to talk animal rights

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MOSCOW – A top Russian official on Monday met with the Canadian actress-turned-animal rights activist Pamela Anderson at the Kremlin to discuss wildlife conservation.

During the televised meeting with President Vladimir Putin’s chief of staff, Sergei Ivanov, Anderson expressed her concern about the fate of Russian seals and the prevalence of sea aquariums that keep belugas, orcas and dolphins in captivity.


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In his opening remarks, Ivanov praised the former Baywatch star for an opportunity to discuss issues of conservation “in the company of beautiful women.”

This is not the first time the pair has met. Ivanov said the two discussed Russian biodiversity in Vladivostok during an economic forum in September.

Anderson is known for her risque methods of drawing attention to wildlife conservation, including posing nude to protest the fur industry.

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Earlier this year, the actress wrote to Putin requesting to block the passage of a cargo vessel through the Northern Sea Route, which was said to contain more than 1,700 tons of whale meat travelling from Iceland to Japan.

Anderson also requested a meeting with the Russian president to discuss environmental issues, the Tass news agency reported.


A previous version of this story corrected the day of the week to Monday, not Tuesday.

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