Thousands of Alberta women and children turned away from shelters: report

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EDMONTON – A new report shows thousands of women and children are being turned away from Alberta shelters because of lack of space.

The annual report was conducted by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, which found 9,703 women and 9,548 children could not be accepted in shelters between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. During that same period 5,259 women and 4,946 children were accommodated.

The number of women turned away is up from last year when 8,427 couldn’t be served due to overcapacity.



  • Number of women not accommodated by Alberta shelters at ‘all-time high’

  • After securing funding, Edmonton women’s shelter will open its doors again

“I think the sad thing is it’s the tip of the iceberg because we know most women don’t reach out for help,” said Jan Reimer, executive director of the the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters.

“It’s a huge, huge problem in Edmonton, in Alberta, indeed around the world.”

READ MORE: Alberta government announces additional funding for women’s shelters

Nearly all the women admitted to shelters were escaping abuse, and most were admitted to emergency shelters.

Mona Gill is a domestic abuse survivor. She says more resources are needed to help those who are fleeing violence.

“The mental stress that these women and children are under, and you finally get the courage to call, and then you’re turned away. What kind of a message are we sending?”

Alberta shelters received 50,047 crisis calls, which lasted an average of 14 minutes. Nearly half of the women who called were determined to be in extreme danger.

Annual Aggregated Shelter Data Report 2014-15


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#OTwithKelly: Are Montreal Canadiens too hot and cold?

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MONTREAL – The Montreal Canadiens are a team that is like that ex-girlfriend you can’t quite get over – everything seems great one day, but then you’re getting the cold shoulder the next.

Yes, the Habs are still first in the east and have an incredible record against conference rivals, but the injury bug is catching up with them and some sloppy habits are starting to show.

As temperatures drop in the city, the team’s fortunes could be going with it, but let’s start with the good news.

What’s hot

The Montreal Canadiens are rife will feel-good stories this season.

The latest is Daniel Carr.

The winger was called up to the Canadiens this week from the AHL and scored – in his first NHL game – on his first shift – on his first shot (did I miss anything?)

I seem to remember another player who pulled the same feat once…

What’s even better is Carr’s entire family was in the stands to see that goal.

It’s enough to warm your heart.

As the Carey Price injury saga continues, Mike Condon is shouldering the load for the Canadiens.

I think Condon is doing reasonably well but he is – and he does play like – a backup.

He did make one Carey Price-quality save on Saturday, though.

I mean, c’mon – who does this guy think he is?

It reminds me of a pretty amazing save by the guy who is usually between the pipes.

Which do you think is better?



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  • #OTwithKelly: Stay optimistic, it’s only one bad game

What’s cold

The Canadiens’ downward spiral isn’t a free fall – yet.

Dropping two consecutive games is not reason to worry if you were playing against Washington Capitals calibre teams.

Thursday’s loss was close; it was one of those litmus test games to show how you play against the best.

Although the Canadiens were bested, it was a close and well fought game.

Saturday night was a different story with the Habs losing 3-2 against the Carolina Hurricanes.

As one of the league’s bottom dwellers, the Hurricanes’ area of expertise: face offs and losing.

Heading into this week, they sit 28th out of 30 with a 9-13-4 record.

Every team is going to have an off game, the Canadiens included, but many of the team’s stars are on their own cold streaks.

One goal

P.K. Subban has just one goal this season – one – and there is a way to look at this through rose-coloured lenses.

First off, he has 20 assists.

That’s good enough for top-five in the NHL right now and this could be a sign that the Canadiens powerplay has evolved into something more dynamic.

At this time last year, Subban had six goals and 11 assists.

It was the same recipe, pass around for a few seconds before tee-ing up Subban from the point.

Subban has been criticized over the years as playing too offensively and leaving his defensive responsibilities on the back burner.

Now, the scoring is spread more evenly.

Is this the new norm?

Back of the net

Tomas Plekanec hasn’t found the back of the net in the past 12 games.

The great part about the first-line centre is he can be an effective playmaker and scorer.

He’s not just the set-up guy – he can go until the end.

I’m going to cut Plekanec a bit of slack on this one as both his wingers, captain Max Pacioretty and Brendan Gallagher, have been injured over the past few weeks.

With Pacioretty back, the line has looked dangerous, but Plekanec hasn’t had that scoring touch.

There’s been a rotation of right wingers, but none have been as effective as Gallagher at getting under a goaltender’s skin and digging pucks out of the corner.

Plekanec is locked in a five-way tie for fifth in team scoring, but Gallagher’s return should provide a spark for the centreman.

After an unheard of start, the Dutch Gretzky hasn’t been able to maintain his 40+ goal pace.

I know, I know, you’re shocked.

Dale Weise is currently tied for second in team scoring with seven goals so far.

While I can’t fault the third liner for playing, well, like a third liner, there’s no denying that Weise isn’t the go-to guy anymore for that clutch goal.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love the Weise show.

There’s no better guy in the room to get a funny quote from and perhaps the person who was the most surprised at his scoring breakout was the man himself.

Regardless, here’s a player who gets everything he accomplishes through hard work.

This isn’t the last you’ll hear of Dale Weise.

Plus, the eventual return of Gallagher, Price and fourth-line centre Torrey Mitchell will give the team a much needed boost.

The problem is the Canadiens might need them back sooner than they’re ready.

The Habs have a tough schedule ahead as they’re playing divisional rivals and have a West Coast road trip.

The losing streak is at two for now, but who knows if December will be generous to the Canadiens.


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Medical journal urges health minister to use science and evidence to guide public policy

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Federal Health Minister Dr. Jane Philpott received some advice Monday of how she should manage the complicated health portfolio from the editors of Canadian Medical Association Journal.

The journal published an editorial outlining five key areas Philpott should focus on with specific requests for each.  An overarching theme is to focus on science and evidence to guide health policy, address health inequities, and to defend the Canada Health Act.


In the editorial, “A Letter to our colleague, Canada’s new Minister of Health” the editors congratulate Philpott for “being the first physician to hold this post in 80 years.”

“Your appointment is a historic achievement.”

READ MORE: Health minister Jane Philpott opens door to new accord with provinces

Keeping promises

The editorial team then went on the detail its recommendations and advice for Philpott. The first of which was to keep campaign promises to expand home care, improve long-term care facilities, mental health services, and improve vaccination rates. They also want the promise for plain packaging for tobacco upheld.


As well, the editors want Philpott to “give Canadians the medicines they need. We must remove the inequitable financial barriers that keep millions of Canadians from receiving necessary medications. We urge you, by the end of your mandate, to commit Canada to a specific timeline for implementing universal pharmacare, as supported by compelling evidence.”

In an interview for the Global News, Philpott told Jacques Bourbeau, she understands Canadians are interested in a national pharmacare program but first she is focused on cost.

“Right now our biggest priority it to make sure we reduce pharmaceuticals costs, and there are a lot of ways that we can do that,” health minster Philpott told Global News.

“So before we take on responsibility for even considering an expansion of what will be publicly funded we need to drive down drug costs. Canadians pay some of the highest costs in the world for pharmaceuticals. And that comes out of not only publicly funded care but obviously there are a lot of Canadians who pay out of pocket,” Philpott said.

Funding for Cochrane Canada 

The editorial also urges Philpott to restore the $2 million funding to Cochrane Canada, a non-profit organization that reviews health studies and provides analysis and advice to health providers and patients. It’s funding was slashed earlier this year. Cochrane Canada is funded through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). It was founded in 1993, and “is the Canadian arm of Cochrane – an independent global network of over 30,000 healthcare practitioners, researchers, patient advocates and others.” Canada is one of 120 countries involved in this non-profit organization.

READ MORE: Canadian ministers tour Syrian refugee camp in Jordan

“Last, never forget that you are a physician. You carry with you the values and responsibilities of our profession — most saliently the expectation to advocate for the health and wellbeing of Canadians — as do we,” the editors write in conclusion to Philpott.

Note:  Global News correspondents are sitting down with the new cabinet ministers who will shape policy in this country, to find out where they came from and where they want to take this country. Global National will air their stories in a series called “The Ministers”. Jacques Bourbeau sat down with health minister Jane Philpott and their conversation will air on Global National on Tuesday, December 8th.


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Charges against Calgary fire district chief withdrawn

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CALGARY – Fifty-five-year-old Dwayne Kenneth Price, a firefighter with 30 years of experience with the Calgary Fire Department, had drug charges against him withdrawn Monday morning. The Crown cited “insufficient evidence” in withdrawing the charges.

Price, who’s been suspended with pay, was arrested March 11 and charged with production of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking.



  • Calgary district fire chief charged in marijuana grow-op

Price’s lawyer, Adriano Iovinelli, said “he was completely devastated, and was adamant from day one he was innocent.”

Fifty-two-year-old Heidy Thao Doan of Calgary was also arrested in March and charged with the same offences in the case; the charges against her were also withdrawn later Monday morning.

The pair were charged after the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) discovered an illegal operation at 75 Millside Road S.W. on Jan. 29.

Investigators said about 400 plants were seized, enough to produce an estimated $500,000 worth of marijuana.

At the time ALERT said it appeared both suspects at were living at the residence, “at least on varying levels…frequenting the home.” The person listed as the home owner, Michelle Nguyen, was not charged in the investigation.

Iovinelli said Price was in a relationship with Doan, who had a license to grow pot as she was battling cancer. The two have had a no contact order since the arrests were made.

Iovinelli said Price could be back at work with CFD this week, and should go back to his former position.


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Mike Duffy trial resumes with testimony from new Senate Speaker George Furey

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OTTAWA – The new Speaker of the Senate says senators were actively discouraged from signing blank expense forms because it could lead to spending abuses.

George Furey told Mike Duffy’s criminal trial Monday that he never signed a blank expense claim, something Duffy’s former assistant has testified the former Conservative senator did to facilitate paperwork.


Furey said he spoke to his Senate Liberals about the issue and advised them against it, adding that Conservative senators were given the same advice behind closed doors by senior Tory senators.

Furey called signing blank expense forms “poor practice,” but said he had no first-hand knowledge of anyone doing it. When asked if he would do it, Furey was blunt: “I would not pre-sign a document because it would be open to abuse.”

Furey is testifying today in Duffy’s criminal trial, in which the P.E.I. senator faces 31 criminal charges stemming from his travel, office and housing claims.

Furey was on the three-member executive of the Senate committee that oversaw Duffy’s spending audit in 2013 and was appointed Speaker of the Senate last week by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

READ MORE: Duffy’s back! Here’s what to expect

He arrived in the courtroom Monday followed by lawyers from the Senate.

Duffy’s lawyer Donald Bayne unsuccessfully argued that Furey shouldn’t be allowed to testify because he was only there to provide opinions, not facts, about Senate spending rules.

Duffy’s defence team has long argued that the Senate’s spending rules were unclear and ambiguous enough that Duffy could not have broken any rules, including those about what was part of his duties as a senator because the term was loosely defined. Furey told the court that senators are given broad leeway when it comes to how they define parliamentary business given the broad range of activities senators undertake.

A 2010 outside audit by firm Ernst &Young found “a lack of clear guidance and criteria” that would help senators understand what was a “parliamentary function” and what the Senate would pay for.

Furey told the court that the Senate’s internal economy committee, which oversees spending, was sometimes told by administrators that senators had questions about what they could charge for and what constituted a “parliamentary function.”

Click here to read all of Global News’ coverage of the Mike Duffy trial.

Furey said senators are encouraged to ask questions of the internal economy committee or Senate administration if they are unsure about any aspect of the rules and to do so before they file expense claims.

Earlier in the day, Bayne told court that Furey told investigators looking into Duffy’s spending that there was no need for rules defining primary and secondary residences for senators because the distinction was “self-explanatory.”

According to Duffy’s lawyer, Furey has already told investigators that a primary residence was where a senator’s spouse and dog lived and where “your local pub is.”


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Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec join forces on cap-and-trade system

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PARIS – Manitoba has signed an agreement with Ontario and Quebec, formalizing the intent of all three provinces to link their cap-and-trade systems.

The premiers of the three provinces signed a memorandum of understanding today at the climate change conference in Paris.

Under the Western Climate Initiative, the three provinces’ cap-and-trade systems will be linked with California’s.



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  • 5 things to know about cap-and-trade legislation

  • Ontario premier announces cap-and-trade plan to fight climate change

Quebec already has an active cap-and-trade market with California, while Ontario is still working out details as it plans to introduce its system in 2017.

READ MORE: Paris climate talks: Trudeau mum on climate plan timeline

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger announced last week when he unveiled the province’s climate change plan that it would join Ontario and Quebec by introducing a cap-and-trade program for 20 large emitters.

Speaking today in Paris, Selinger said he believes more states and subnational governments can be convinced to join them in linking cap-and-trade systems, which put a price on carbon emissions in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

READ MORE: Climate change a low priority for most Canadians: Ipsos poll

“I think this agreement allows us to have more tools to make a difference when it comes to climate change,” Selinger said. “We can learn from each other’s experience.”

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Sparks fly between Liberals, Conservatives during Parliament’s opening debate

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OTTAWA – Canada’s 42nd Parliament got down to business Monday, with the often-promised new era of civility sounding a lot like a brittle rehash of the federal election campaign.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair used debate on last week’s throne speech to refight the same election battles, with sparks flying between Liberals and Tories in particular.

WATCH: Trudeau lists 5 things Canadians expect his government to do

Ambrose issued a scathing critique of the new Liberal government’s throne speech, which was itself a recap of Trudeau’s election promises.

Echoing the same criticisms levelled throughout the election campaign, she called the Liberal plan a recipe for intrusive government that thinks it knows best how to spend Canadians’ money.

“What we did hear was a recipe for big government and big spending. So the question that every taxpayer wants us to ask this government is: where will the money come from to pay for all of this?” Ambrose told the House of Commons.

“It only comes from one place and that’s out of the pockets of Canadians.”

WATCH: Ambrose says Tories will keep Liberal spending in check after MP Angus targets recent track record

Treasury Board President Scott Brison questioned how Ambrose could make such an accusation when she had been a minister in what he termed “one of the biggest spending governments and the most wasteful governments in Canadian history.” He noted that the previous Conservative government added $150 billion to the national debt.

The exchange prompted Ambrose to observe: “I think it’s been 25 minutes and the sunny ways are over.”

But Ambrose was no slouch when it came to partisan shots.

WATCH: Ambrose wants solution to ‘thousands’ of unemployed Albertans


She took aim at Trudeau’s vow to withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the allied bombing campaign against Islamic radicals in Syria and Iraq. While the Americans, French, British and Germans are all ramping up their efforts, Ambrose accused Trudeau of believing that “posing for selfies at international conferences is a better use of his time.”

“Canada isn’t back. Canada is backing away,” she charged.

Mulcair struck a more conciliatory tone, promising to work with the government “when our values and our policies coincide.” But he took the opportunity to recycle a number of planks from the NDP platform, urging Trudeau to hike taxes on large corporations and introduce a $15-an-hour federal minimum wage.

He also touted two other favourite NDP election promises: universal, affordable child care and abolition of the Senate.

READ MORE: Most Albertans oppose Premier Rachel Notley’s climate change plan

As he did during the campaign, Mulcair criticized the centrepiece of the Liberal platform – the plan to cut taxes for Canadians in the $49,000-$89,000 income tax bracket while raising taxes on the wealthiest one per cent – as smoke and mirrors. The plan will actually benefit wealthy Canadians the most and do nothing for 70 per cent of taxpayers, he said, urging Trudeau to expand the tax cut to those in the lowest income tax bracket.

For his part, Trudeau essentially repeated the throne speech, in slightly greater detail. But he took a veiled shot at the previous Conservative regime, which campaigned on hot button identity issues, including a proposed ban on Muslim women wearing the face-covering niqab during citizenship ceremonies.

Extolling the virtues of diversity, Trudeau said some Canadians have, at times, “been the target of hateful words and deeds, simply because they look different, speak a different language, choose to wear different clothes or practice a different faith.” But he argued that “intolerance stands little chance” in Canada and pointed to the recent election as proof that Canadians reject attempts to pit one group against another.


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Saskatoon police investigating Central Avenue assault

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SASKATOON – A violent video circulating on social media has caught the attention of the Saskatoon Police Service (SPS). Posted to YouTube on Saturday, the video shows two men repeatedly hitting two smaller men in the Sutherland neighbourhood.

The assailants continued to punch and kick the men once they had fallen to the ground in the 900-block of Central Avenue.

Police responded the night of the incident, but didn’t realize the severity of the attacks until after the video surfaced.

WATCH: A brutal assault that took place last month in a Sutherland neighbourhood has been posted online and now has the attention of police. Ryan Kessler has the details.



  • Officer Tasers man after short vehicle pursuit in Saskatoon

  • Injured man taken to hospital after gunshot in Prince Albert, Sask.

  • Masked trio flee armed robbery at Saskatoon business

On Monday, the SPS confirmed an investigation has been launched into the incident that happened during the early morning hours of Nov. 28. Detectives are reaching out to the victims and anyone who may have witnessed the assault.

“I believe that all four people were in the same establishment at a certain point, but exact details, I don’t know,” said Alyson Edwards, spokesperson for the Saskatoon Police Service.

However, businesses in the area are quick to distance themselves from the events. The owner of the newly-opened Tomas the Cook said the suspects were never inside his restaurant or liquor store. Staff at Dino’s Bar and Grill also said the men were never inside their business.

No arrests have been made.

READ MORE: 10 facing 167 charges in multiple Saskatchewan break-ins

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 306-975-8300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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VTech warns hackers may have decrypted passwords of Canadian customers

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Embattled electronic and educational toy company VTech is now warning customers their encrypted passwords may have been decrypted by hackers, after the company was hit with a massive data breach last month.

In an email to customers, VTech said although passwords were encrypted, “It is possible that the hacker may have decrypted it.”


Last week, the company confirmed more than 10 million customer accounts – including 6.3 million children’s user profiles – were affected by the data breach. In Canada, over 237,000 adult profiles and over 316,000 kids profiles were affected.

Data from both parents and children was exposed after its Learning Lodge app database was hacked. The Learning Lodge app – which allows customers to download apps, games and educational content to VTech products – contained customer names, email addresses, passwords, IP addresses, mailing addresses and download histories. The database also contained kids’ profile information, including names, genders and dates of birth.

It’s also alleged the hacker also obtained children’s head shots attached to gaming profiles, as well as chat logs between kids and parents. VTech has yet to confirm these allegations, noting that its investigation is ongoing; however, the company did admit that while audio files and photos are encrypted on its system, chat logs are not.

READ MORE: Kids’ data is valuable too – children at risk of identity theft following VTech hack

But security experts allege the company did not have proper encryption protocols in place, making it even easier for hackers to decrypt them.

“So @vtechtoys don’t even understand what encryption is. Colour me surprised,” Rik Ferguson, vice president of security research at Trend Micro, tweeted Monday.

According to experts, VTech failed to properly scramble customer passwords in its database. Worse yet, it stored users’ security questions and answers in plain text.

“Of course once the passwords hit the database we know they’re protected with nothing more than a straight MD5 hash which is so close to useless for anything but very strong passwords (which people rarely create), they may as well have not even bothered,” wrote security expert Troy Hunt on his blog.

“Lack of cryptographic protection for sensitive data is yet another example of where it’s all gone wrong.”

As with any hack that involves the leak of passwords, it’s important that any Learning Lodge app user change their passwords on other websites if they used the same password.

Tips for creating secure passwords

Stay away from easy-to-guess passwords like “123456″ or “password” and easy-to-guess identifiers, like your dog’s name.

Numbers included in a password should never be something easy to guess based on the user. That means your age, the current year, or your address are not good choices. Similarly, the longer the password the better.

READ MORE: How to protect yourself from security breaches on social media sites

Passwords that use up to ten upper- and lower-case letters mixed with numbers are proven to be more secure – despite being hard to remember.

One tip is to construct a password from a sentence, mix in a few upper case letters and a number – for example, “There is no place like home,” would become “tiNOplh62.”

And remember, try not to use the same password for any two accounts.


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Dozens of supporters protest Dr. Eilish Cleary’s leave outside Department of Health

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FREDERICTON – Several dozen protesters stood outside HSBC Place on King Street Monday calling on the province to reinstate Dr. Eilish Cleary.

Cleary confirmed through emails with Global News last week that she had been placed on leave, and that it was “not a personal leave,” and that she was “told not to talk about it.”

Deputy Minister of Health Tom Maston said last week that it’s a human resources matter and the department has an obligation to protect the privacy and personal information of all parties involved.

“The human resources process that has been initiated is not politically motivated nor have questions been raised about the medical and scientific work being undertaken by the office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, which work continues under the acting Chief Medical Officer of Health,” Maston said in a prepared statement.

People protested Dr. Cleary’s leave outside HSBC Place in Fredericton.


Since her leave was made public, many people have called out the government for “muzzling” Cleary.

HSBC Place houses the Department of Health and the Chief Medical Officer of Health. In front of the building on King Street in Fredericton, about 50 people gathered to protest Cleary’s leave just before noon on Monday.

“I chose to come here because I believe in fact-based decision making, and Dr. Cleary provides us with the facts and enables us to make fact-based decisions,” said Joan MacDonald.

MacDonald said it’s more important to her that Cleary is reinstated than to know why she was put on leave in the first place.

“We will all speculate as to the ‘why,’ but it’s not important to me to know the ‘why,’” she said.

Alma Brooks, an elder of St. Mary’s First Nation, said she had come to rely on Cleary for her studies and information.

“My understanding was this office was supposed to be free to speak the truth about things that effect our health,” she said. “I want to know why she was let go.”

Cleary was appointed the Chief Medical Officer of Health for New Brunswick in 2008.


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