Mustard: not just for hotdogs and hamburgers

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SASKATOON – “It’s a beautiful Saskatchewan product, and it’s so versatile. Something in your cupboard you all have, and something you all thought was just for hotdogs and burgers, but you can use it in everything.”

The product Chef Darren Craddock is talking about is mustard.

“It’s such an underused condiment, that you can use in so many things from rubs, to sauces to even cookies.”

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The Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission has a new cookbook called Mustard Makeover & More! 100 Marvellous Recipes for Busy Families.

Using mustard in baking may sound a bit strange, but Craddock says the chewy spicy raisin oatmeal cookies from the cookbook are kid approved.

“I serve these cookies to my kids, and they have no idea there is mustard in it.”

These cookies have yellow mustard seeds and honey mustard, two ingredients Craddock says are essential to keep moisture in the cookies, as well as adding a nice heat.

Craddock also brought two other feature recipes from the cookbook; the best-ever slow cookers robs that has both a dry mustard rub and mustard in the sauce as well as a make-ahead party cheeseballs.


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