Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec join forces on cap-and-trade system

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PARIS – Manitoba has signed an agreement with Ontario and Quebec, formalizing the intent of all three provinces to link their cap-and-trade systems.

The premiers of the three provinces signed a memorandum of understanding today at the climate change conference in Paris.

Under the Western Climate Initiative, the three provinces’ cap-and-trade systems will be linked with California’s.



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Quebec already has an active cap-and-trade market with California, while Ontario is still working out details as it plans to introduce its system in 2017.

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Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger announced last week when he unveiled the province’s climate change plan that it would join Ontario and Quebec by introducing a cap-and-trade program for 20 large emitters.

Speaking today in Paris, Selinger said he believes more states and subnational governments can be convinced to join them in linking cap-and-trade systems, which put a price on carbon emissions in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

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“I think this agreement allows us to have more tools to make a difference when it comes to climate change,” Selinger said. “We can learn from each other’s experience.”

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