Less than a week left to enjoy Calgary’s heat wave

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WATCH ABOVE: Another beautiful day outside Sunday, as a heat wave continues to linger in Calgary. Tracy Nagai was live outside Sunday morning from Tom Baker Park and has more on the unseasonable conditions.

CALGARY – Day 10 of our city’s heat wave showed a forecast high of 7°C and Calgarians are juicing every last minute of it.

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Two years ago on this day, it was -25°C, so it’s a rare sight to see so many runners along Memorial Drive sweating it out in the ‘winter’ at this time of year.Sunday night, you can expect some cloud breaking up and a low of 1°C.

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Global’s weather anchor Gemmy Lynne said Monday and Tuesday will be mostly cloudy with a high of 9°C on both days and a chance of snow showers or rain in the evening.

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For those in the business of snow, COP had a late start this year and are facing a challenge making snow, since 97 per cent of it is man made. They need it to be at least -3°C for their snow machine.Out west in Vancouver, they faced wind and rain warnings. Power outages also left some people in the dark. As of 9 a.m. Sunday, there were some snowfall warnings in BC’s interior.As for out east, winter arrived with a vengeance in New Brunswick. In the height of the storm, power outages affected 30,000 customers.

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