‘Hipster Santa’ delights children at Portland Mall

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It’s the classic Santa Claus as we all remember him. Except this one comes with skinny jeans, a flannel shirt, and a “man bun.”

OK, so that may not be the traditional version of the jolly old Christmas elf. But the Pioneer Place mall in downtown Portland, Oregon is updating the holiday tradition by putting a new spin on the tried-and-true mall Santa Claus with “Hipster Santa.”

Sitting atop a PDX carpet chair and sporting a flannel shirt, black jeans, a tacky “statement” sweater and a man bun that would make Josh Donaldson proud, “Hipster Santa” is ready to take requests from Portland’s good girls and boys.

And of course, he gets around town on his bike.

KOIN News in Portland, which first spotted “Hipster Santa,” says he’ll be back next Tuesday evening in the mall’s lower level rotunda.

Of course, Hipster Santa has nothing on Toronto’s “Fashion Santa”, who can be seen this holiday season styling it up at Yorkdale Mall.



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