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EDMONTON — An Edmonton man who spent time in Syria is speaking out in hopes of changing some of the negative opinions being cast upon refugees.

Joachim Hengge worked in Syria as an engineer from 2008 to 2010. He remembers it as a place with beautiful architecture and landscapes, and a friendly culture.

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  • Health care providers preparing to help Syrian refugee children and babies

  • “I don’t have a weapon in my hand. I’m just a human being.” Syrian refugee pleads for understanding

“At the beginning I was quite anxious and scared actually, but we went anyways and it was just amazing. The people are extremely welcoming. I think we often don’t separate the regime or government from the actual people who are living there,” Hengge said. “We were welcomed there. Everywhere.”

Now a war-torn country, refugees are fleeing violence and destruction. Hengge and his colleague Virendra Gupta are both members of the Inshallah Edmonton Refugee Sponsors group, one of many responding to the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

“These refugees, they are fleeing the same thing that the people in Paris were fleeing from. So we need to show them our common humanity, that we’re not going to run away, we are not afraid. We must stick by our principles and welcome people who are seeking shelter,” said Gupta.

“It’s not easy for anybody to leave their home and their family and their neighbours, their friends, what they know and go into a strange land. So we ought to welcome them.”

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Inshallah Edmonton Refugee Sponsors is holding an event on Sunday called Reflections of Syria. Hosts of the event will talk about their time in Syria, answer questions and explain how people can help refugees coming to Canada.

“It’s critical that if we can help, that we help. I mean, Canada is a country made up of people welcoming people,” said Gupta. “It’s a very Canadian thing to do.”

Hengge hopes sharing his experiences will help others see a different side of the people of Syria.

“I would really miss something in my life if I wouldn’t have gone there. And I think it was quite important to have been there now, to have the stories and to remember what it used to be,” said Hengge.

The Reflections of Syria event will take place at Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

With files from Lisa Wolansky, Global News.


LONDON – A stabbing at a London Underground station is being treated as “terrorist incident,” the London police said Saturday.

The London police counterterror command said in a statement that it is investigating the incident at Leytonstone Underground station in east London in which a man was threatening people with a knife at around 7 p.m. (2 p.m. EST). One person sustained serious injuries and two other received minor injuries.

Police arrested a man believed to be 29 years old late Saturday. They said a stun gun was used.

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“We are treating this as a terrorist incident. I would urge the public to remain calm, but alert and vigilant,” said Commander Richard Walton, who leads the counter-terrorism unit. “The threat from terrorism remains at severe, which means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.”

They declined to say whether they are looking for other suspects, saying probes are ongoing.

READ MORE: Woman at centre of FBI investigation of California terror attack

Police appealed to anyone near the attack and who might have photos or video of the incident to contact police.

The stabbing comes only days after Britain’s Parliament gave overwhelming approval to authorizing the military to conduct airstrikes on Islamic State group targets in Syria.

Several British newspapers reported that eyewitnesses to the incident said that the man shouted “This is for Syria,” but police declined to comment on any reports.

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Delta Police have issued a warning after two people inadvertently overdosed on fentanyl after using cocaine.

In a statement, police said the two overdoses likely stemmed from cocaine laced with fentanyl.

The source of the possibly tainted drugs is unclear, but police believe they may be circulating in the South Delta area.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate narcotic, a prescription drug used primarily for cancer patients in severe pain. It is 50 to 100 times more toxic than morphine.

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Fentanyl 101: The facts and dangers

Heroin, cocaine, oxyodone and other drugs can be cut with fentanyl, in powder, liquid or pill form.

You can’t see it, smell it or taste it.

Symptoms of an early overdose of fentanyl can include:

-severe sleepiness
-slow heartbeat
-trouble breathing
-slow, shallow breathing or snoring
-cold, clammy skin
-trouble walking or talking

People who still choose to use drugs, are being told to:

-never use the drugs alone
-start with a small amount
-not mix substances, including alcohol, as it increases risk of overdose
-call 9-1-1 right away if they think someone is overdosing
-make a plan and know how to respond in case of an overdose

Fentanyl’s growing popularity in the streets explained


Fentanyl’s growing popularity in the streets explained


Fentanyl suspected behind country-wide spike in overdoses


What you need to know about Fentanyl


Families impacted by fentanyl speaking out


Fentanyl overdose warning

-With files from Yuliya Talmazan

Self-defence class dedicated to murdered Calgary mother

Posted by admin on 16/09/2019
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WATCH ABOVE: The murder of a young Calgary mother has prompted a local woman to take action to protect others. In October, Christa Cachene was killed in her Ranchlands home. As Carolyn Kury de Castillo reports, the victim’s aunt organized a self-defence class with a powerful message to women facing domestic violence.

CALGARY — The murder of a young Calgary mother has prompted a local woman to take action to protect others.

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  • Family learns Ranchlands murder victim was pregnant when she died

  • Police look to speak with 18-year-old man in connection with Ranchlands murder

  • Suspect arrested in murder of Calgary mother, says family

Christa Cachene, 26, was beaten to death in her Ranchlands home in October.

This weekend, her aunt organized a self-defence class aimed at helping other women.

“Things have to change for our people. Especially our aboriginal women, indigenous women. It has to change somehow, someway. And I am hoping this class will help encourage them to kind of push themselves. There is something better out there. They don’t have to take this,” said Betty Ann Blue Cloud.

Blue Cloud has been taking Kung Fu classes at Damerji’s Martial Arts Academy in northeast Calgary for years.

Her niece’s death prompted her to approach the studio’s owner to offer a day of free instruction.

“I know many stories from Betty about women who don’t know how to protect themselves. I said, ‘we can help. We can work together to make the women be able to protect themselves,’” said Hussein Damerji, who is a three time world champion in Wuhsu Kung Fu.

Women attending the class are keen to learn the Kung Fu and to be part of an event in Cachene’s memory.

“It affects all families. It affects the men just as much is the women, so I think it has a lot to do with education. Educating our boys and our sons and our husbands,” said Janet Graham.

Blue Cloud hopes everyone can learn something from Cachene’s death. She is encouraging people to support vulnerable women and let them know there is help available.

“If somebody would’ve taken the time to talk to her, had someone discuss things with her, just talked with her to make her aware that this is not right,” said Blue Cloud. “We, as mothers and aunts and grandmothers, should take the time as women to talk to people. Take that extra one or two minutes or whatever it takes to talk to another person, whoever you come across that needs that help. Don’t get so overwhelmed by other stuff in life. That moment is there for you to help that person.”

While the women at the class were happy to learn defensive techniques against attackers, Blue Cloud says what really needs to change is the behavior that puts women in fearful positions in the first place.

“It’s not right for you to think that it’s OK to be physically violent or physically trying to hurt a female. There is a reason why we are here. And it’s not for you to harm us. We have so much to offer.”

Isaiah Riel Rider, 18, of Calgary has been charged with second degree murder. Police say he was a guest at the party held at Cachene’s home the day she was killed.


MIAMI BEACH — Police in Miami Beach say they killed a razor-wielding man suspected in a bank robbery early Saturday.

Kathleen Prieto of the Miami Beach Police Department said in an email that police responded to an emergency call from a Bank of America branch on Alton Road. The person who made the 911 call said a suspect was armed with a bomb and had passed a note to the teller.

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Prieto said police arrived at the scene and found the suspect inside a barber shop. He then exited the shop with a “straight edge razor in his hand.” Shots were fired and the suspect was killed.

Witnesses told The Miami Herald that the man was seen causing a commotion inside the barber shop.

A video of a shooting on Miami Beach was posted on Instagram and elsewhere on social media. In the video, a man without a shirt is seen briefly confronting what appeared to be at least three police officers outside a shopping center. The man is shot and falls to the ground.

Police Chief Daniel Oates said one officer on the scene was wearing a body camera that also captured the deadly encounter, but that the video cannot be released to the public yet under state law.

Mayor Philip Levine called the shooting “a horrible, isolated incident.”

READ MORE: Police release photos of bank robber in hopes of identifying him

“As we learn more about this incident from Miami-Dade police, from the state attorney’s office, we will make sure to keep everyone informed,” he said.

Witness Sylvia Rodriguez told the newspaper that she was walking to a nearby corner store when the shooting happened.

“Everything seemed under control. It wasn’t fast. It was pretty chill,” she said. “He was not acting erratic.”

Then the shirtless suspect, who was holding was holding some kind of knife, took a step forward and was shot.

“It went boom-boom, twice,” Rodriguez said. She said she did not see a Taser go off.

Police could not immediately verify if officers fired a Taser during the encounter.

Miami-Dade County Police Department will handle the investigation into the shooting. The FBI and Miami Beach Police Department will investigate the alleged bank robbery.

This story has been corrected to show the spelling of the witness’ last name Rodriguez, not Rodrigues.

©2015The Associated Press

Help-Portrait gives free family photos to those in need

Posted by admin on 15/08/2019
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SASKATOON – Hairstylists, makeup artists and photo shoots. For some it is a day they could only imagine in their dreams. Those dreams came true Saturday with the hard work of Help-Portrait.

Help-Portrait is a global initiative that first came to Saskatoon six years ago. The mission is to empower photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists of all skill levels to give back to their local community.

“It means a lot because I didn’t get their school pictures this year so this means a lot to us,” says Lauren Reid, a mother of two.

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  • Tips for picking the perfect Christmas tree

  • Saskatoon charities welcome the giving season

  • Sensitive Santa launches in Saskatoon

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The event finds people in need, takes their picture and then delivers the printed copies to them – all free of charge.

“It’s for people who may not be able to afford portrait photography. Because even the big chain stores you can still walk out with a sixty or seventy dollar bill. That could be rent for somebody,” said Help-Portrait co-chair Bruce Johnson.

On top of the photos, those in need can pick out a new outfit donated by Value Village, have lunch and play with toys while they wait for the photos to be developed.

“It’s exciting, you know it’s an opportunity lots of people don’t have every day,” says Value Village district manager Jacqui Ferguson.

“To come in and be able to choose from some clothing, maybe they didn’t have an outfit that they were prepared to wear today. To be able to choose something, have their hair done, it’s fabulous. It’s exciting and it makes them feel special and I’m glad to be a part of that.”

It takes an 80-person volunteer team six months to organize the day, but it’s all worth it in the eyes of those involved.

“The smiles are great, the posed photos are wonderful, but it’s those moments that you don’t always see that are the best. The kids smiling, having a good time, enjoying themselves here and then there are the volunteers. Seeing the volunteers enjoy the reward of working with these people,” says Help-Portrait co-chair Jay Scott.

Organizers Jay Scott and Bruce Johnson say they’re planning to expand Help-Portrait to two events next year, giving twice as many people a reason to smile during the holiday season.


March against domestic violence winds down Main Street

Posted by admin on 15/08/2019
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WINNIPEG —; In the wake of three high profile domestic violence homicides, in as many months, North Point Douglas Women’s Centre took to the streets on Saturday afternoon to speak out.

The march began at the shelter and wound its way down Main Street, in the heart of the city. The group hopes to shed light and awareness of domestic violence in Winnipeg.

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“It needs to stop. We need to work together for that chance,” said Ashlyn Stevenson of North Point Douglas Women’s Centre.

In October, 20-year-old Selena Keeper was allegedly brutally beaten and killed by her former boyfriend. She had previously been denied a protection order in May.

Later in the month, police said Camille Runke was shot and killed by her estranged ex-husband in St. Boniface. He later turned the gun on himself before a police standoff.

In November, police said Candace Monias died after being badly beaten in an argument with her partner. The accused was previously ordered by a judge to stay away from Monias after an assault charge in February.

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Bianca Ramos said it is important for people who witness violent episodes can speak up.

“Everybody’s story is different. But we’re all facing this issue and coming together shows people’s support, at a time when they may feel alone and hopeless, Ramos said.

Winnipeg Police said officers respond to roughly 14,000 domestic dispute calls every year and 2,000 of those cases turn into charges.


Fashion Magazine’s Western Editor Joy Pecknold shows off her favourite locally made holiday décor items and gifts.

Wall decor – Brighten up your home with these fun and festive handmade signs and adornments.

-The Wood Type Shop: (Vancouver, BC) Handcrafted wooden “Nice” marquee sign ($400.00) this sign is hand-painted and the “Nice” lights up – perfect for those who are on the NICE list! Marquee “C” letter ($160.00) hand-painted and made from pine -the “C” lights up.

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– Shuswap Decor: (Salmon Arm, BC) Wooden Christmas countdown chalkboard sign ($48.95) handmade with felt, up-cycled wood and chalkboard paint. The Grinch sign ($44.95) handmade with up-cycled wood and paint.

–Shauno (Vancouver, BC) “Ho Ho” Christmas painting ($54.94) hand-painted on stretched canvas with acrylic paint.

–BB Craftlandia (Vancouver, BC) Homemade wreath

Keeping cozy– Snuggle up by the fire with these warm and snuggly festive favourites.

–Ink & Linen Co. (Vancouver, BC) Throw Pillows ($28.84). Hand-sewn holiday plaid pillow. Metallic gold + white polka dot throw pillow made with cotton duck canvas.

–Mood Design Studio (Kamloops, BC) Throw blanket ($203.27) Hand-knit throw blanket made with recycled cotton fibres and a pine tree design. A great holiday piece that can transition into everyday winter home décor

–Shop Woodlot: (Vancouver, BC) Mini “Cinder” candle ($30.22). Large “Wildwoods” candle ($43.95) in a whiskey rocks class. All candles made from coconut wax, cotton wicks and essential oils.

Stockings– Hang these personalized stockings by the chimney with care!

–Lovely Orchard: (Vernon, BC) Personalized stockings. Stockings come in different colours and can be personalized with shoppers name. These stockings are perfect if you’re looking for a classic stocking style.

–Mitani Designs: (Squamish, BC) Customizable children’s stockings ($41.00). Whimsical kids stockings made out of cotton, flannel and grosgrain ribbon – includes a unicorn stocking, elephant stocking and a Whistler black bear stocking. The locally- inspired Whistler black bear stocking is a big seller this year!

Decorations and accessories – Deck the halls with these one-of-a-kind holiday accessories and decorations!

–Mouse and Moose: (Vancouver, BC) Wool ornaments (prices vary). All ornaments are made from 100 % eco-friendly wool and are child friendly.

–Honey Canada: (Vancouver, BC) Felt Christmas trees ($54.94). An alternative option to the traditional Christmas tree, these trees are made entirely of felt balls.

–Golem Designs: (Vancouver, BC) White ceramic candleholders ($28.84 each). Each candleholder is translucent and made out of porcelain, perfect for holding tea lights and emanating a Christmas glow. White + gold snack bowls ($42.58) made out of porcelain and perfect for holding festive snacks and candies at holiday parties.

–From the Seeds: (Surrey, BC) Holiday canvas bags and storage buckets (various sizes – ranging from $14 to $35) perfect for staying organized over the holidays while also keeping with festive spirit. Great for holding everything from keys, toys and mittens, hats and scarves. Red + Green Garland ($20.00) made from wool felt + twine.


WASHINGTON — The U.S. government’s ability to review and analyze five years’ worth of telephone records for the married couple blamed in the deadly shootings in California lapsed just four days earlier when the National Security Agency’s controversial mass surveillance program was formally shut down.

Under a court order, those historical calling records at the NSA are now off-limits to agents running the FBI terrorism investigation even with a warrant.

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READ MORE: FBI investigating San Bernardino mass shooting as ‘act of terrorism’

Instead, under the new USA Freedom Act, authorities were able to obtain roughly two years’ worth of calling records directly from the phone companies of the married couple blamed in the attack. The period covered the entire time that the wife, Tashfeen Malik, lived in the United States, although her husband, Syed Farook, had been here much longer. She moved from Pakistan to the U.S. in July 2014 and married Farook the following month. He was born in Chicago in 1987 and raised in southern California.

FBI Director James Comey declined to say Friday whether the NSA program’s shutdown affected the government’s terrorism investigation in California.

“I won’t answer, because we don’t talk about the investigative techniques we use,” Comey said. “I’m not going to characterize it.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the FBI was poring through records for the married couple: “This includes things like their foreign travel, their contacts with other individuals, their use of social media,” he said. “There are some details of that investigation starting to dribble out, sometimes in garbled form.”

WATCH: First look at female San Bernardino shooter, how she became radicalized

Amid questions about whether it was constitutional and under pressure from lawsuits and recommendations by two federal panels, the Obama administration agreed to end the NSA phone program. It had secretly collected the daily calling records — but not contents of conversations — for most Americans, including those never suspected of any crime, since at least 2006. Investigators could see who suspected terrorists might be dialing, who else those people might be calling and so on. The government kept five years’ worth of each person’s phone records, deleting older ones on a rolling basis. NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the program’s existence in summer 2013.

Under a shutdown order by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the government was prohibited from collecting phone records in wholesale ways starting Nov. 29.

READ MORE: San Bernardino killer showed no outward signs of violence before mass shooting

“After November 28, 2015, no access to the BR (business record) metadata (phone records) will be permitted for intelligence analysis purposes,” U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman of Portland ruled. “Hence, queries of the BR metadata for the purpose of obtaining foreign intelligence information will no longer be permitted. ”

The California shootings happened four days later. The court revealed the order publicly just hours before the shootings.

Under the new law, passed in June, investigators still can look for links in phone records but they must obtain a targeted warrant to get them directly from phone companies, which generally keep customer records for 18 months to two years, although some keep them longer. The U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, which studied the program at Obama’s direction, had recommended that the White House reduce the NSA-held phone records from five years to three years even before the program could be shut down.

WATCH: San Bernardino shooters’ landlord say they were good tenants, never any trouble

The FBI was investigating whether the couple in California plotted the attacks with anyone — or each other — in ways that U.S. or allied intelligence surveillance programs might have detected. The FBI director cited “indications of radicalization by the killers, and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations,” but he said there was no evidence the killers were part of a larger group or terrorist cell. The FBI said it found discarded, crushed cellphones that belonged to the couple near the site of the shootings, and agents were examining the phones’ contents.

An American Civil Liberties Union lawyer, Alex Abdo, noted the California shootings were another case where the NSA’s inspection of Americans’ phone records failed to stop the plot before it happened.

“This could only be an example of the failure of that program,” Abdo said. “If this were a planned attack and the program did what they claimed it did at the time, they would have detected this attack. It’s not surprising the bulk-collection program didn’t detect it.”

©2015The Associated Press

A man who was sentenced to jail for fatally striking a flag worker in southeast Saskatchewan has been released on bail after an appeal was filed. On Friday, Keith Dunford, 47, was sentenced in a courtroom in Weyburn, Sask. to two years less a day.

The Regina resident was found guilty in October of dangerous driving causing death.

READ MORE: Keith Dunford facing two years in jail after the death of Ashley Richards

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  • Man accused of killing Karina Wolfe to undergo assessment

  • Sentencing arguments heard for man convicted of killing Sask. flag person

  • UPDATED: Keith Dunford found guilty in death of young flag person

Ashley Dawn Richards, 18, was killed on Aug. 24, 2012 while working as a construction company flag person near Midale, Sask.

The court heard that Richards, who had recently moved from Lakeside, N.B., was thrown about the width of a Canadian Football League field when she was struck by Dunford’s speeding SUV in a construction zone on Highway 39.

Aaron Fox, Dunford’s lawyer, filed an appeal of the conviction and sentence. He said on Saturday that the conviction has been appealed on a number of grounds including an issue as to right to counsel and whether Dunford’s driving constitutes criminal conduct.

Fox doesn’t expect the appeal to be heard until late this spring or possibly the summer.

 With files from