Calgarians spread messages of love at LRT station where hateful graffiti appeared

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WARNING: The article below contains images and content which some viewers may find offensive.

CALGARY – A group of Calgarians gathered at a northwest LRT station on Friday to battle hateful graffiti found throughout the building that targeted Muslims and Syrian refugees.

Disturbing phrases like “F__k Muslim Goofs,” “f__k Syria,” and “f__k Syrian ‘refs’’ were found spray-painted on doors, windows, walls and even cars in the parking lot on Thursday night. Some of the graffiti included white power symbols.

Calgary police are investigating after several graffiti messages with derogatory messages to Syrians and Muslims were sprayed around the city on December 3, 2015.

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  • Hateful graffiti spree targets Muslims and Syrian refugees in Calgary

Bilal Sher was among a group of young Calgarians who headed to the Tuscany CTrain Station on Friday with giant red paper hearts and signs with messages of love.

“We showed up to cover the hate with these awesome posters and made sure morning commuters didn’t have to see something horrible first thing in the morning,” said Sher in a Facebook post.

The homemade signs showed quotes from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, late NDP leader Jack Layton, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Prophet Muhammad.

Participant Nadir Khan told Global News commuters seemed thrilled to see their signs.

“They were really, really happy that we were doing it,” said Khan. “We were trying to almost reverse the actions that happened yesterday.”

“They really were happy to see it… in just a day’s difference how much we can do as a community.”

“We’re not being Canadian by welcoming refugees or by incorporating all of these different religions into our society… we’re being human,” said fellow participant Alina Bertolesi.

Police believe two adults were responsible for the hate crime. They say it happened at around 5:45 p.m. and are working to determine if the crimes were caught on CCTV surveillance cameras.

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