Alberta campaign aimed at drunk driving uses kids’ creativity

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LETHBRIDGE – The Liquor Bag Safety Campaign is using kids’ artistic abilities to target drunk driving.

Students are decorating brown paper bags with messages that encourage others not to drive while drunk. The program is put on by Alberta Health Services across southwestern Alberta, and it involves about 15 schools and 2,000 students in an attempt to educate everyone.


“It’s a really unique and cool project because it’s kind of comprehensive in the fact that students are learning about the issue while they really give back to the community and try to make a difference,” Megan Heroux, a health promotion facilitator with AHS, said.

The object is twofold: the bags will be distributed to local liquor stores to be given to customers, and also teaches the kids about the harms of taking to the road with alcohol.

“It’s dangerous because you don’t want to get injured, hurt, or, in the worst case scenario, die,” Kyan Robinson, a Grade 6 student at St. Mary School, said.

“I’ve tried to spread the message as much as I can, just to let people know… make the right choice,” classmate Zedona Bruinsma added.

Liquor stores have seen many anti-drunk driving campaigns, but when they involve kids, the program seems a little more unique.

“I think it’s a really neat tactic,” Kyle Baines, owner of Andrew Hilton Wine & Spirits, said. “I mean everybody knows the facts about drinking and driving, everybody knows you shouldn’t do it, but I think when you have the kids’ drawings on the bags, it invokes more of an emotional response.”

Students of all ages will continue to decorate the bags until they’re dropped at liquor stores shortly before Christmas Day.

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