A30 highway toll will be free for electric cars as of January 1

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LES CÉDRES – The drive along Montreal’s southern beltway will soon become a cheaper ride for electric vehicle owners.

The highway toll on the A30 in Les Cédres will be free as of Jan. 1, 2016 for plug-in cars.

The freebie is the latest in a series of incentives to encourage people to trade in their gas-powered cars for electric ones and reduce their carbon footprint.

”If we’re going to save $2.40 either way, it’s great. It absolutely works out for the better,” said Ulrich Koch, a Tesla owner.



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Already, a reserved lane for electric vehicles has been added to Highway 20 between Dorval and Lachine.

And last October, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre announced more than 50 new charging stations will be added to the city streets.

”Now, with possibly more charging stations downtown, it gives you more incentive,” Koch said.

Montreal is also home to a private electric-only taxi company.

Across the country, there are 10 times more electric vehicles on the roads this year compared to 2011.

Mass transit officials don’t anticipate the electric cars will push public transit use to the back seat.

”If people begin to buy electric cars we will have a lot less in the way of green house gas emissions,” said Marvin Rotrand, the STM Vice-Chairman.

But Rotrand doesn’t expect traffic congestion to end just because more and more people hit the start button on plug-in cars.


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