103rd Grey Cup 50/50 ticket remains unclaimed

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WINNIPEG —; It’s been more than a week but a massive 50-50 jackpot from the Grey Cup is still unclaimed.

The 50/50 prize from the 103rd Grey Cup on November 29th is more than $178,000, the largest  50/50 jackpot in Winnipeg Blue Bombers history, and the club is appealing to anyone who bought a ticket Grey Cup week to make sure they’re not holding onto the winning prize.

“Check their parka pockets, check their jean pockets, check their suitcases if they traveled out of town,”  Winnipeg Blue Bombers communications manager Kim Babij-Gesell said. “Maybe when you heard the number drawn you looked at your ticket quickly and didn’t see it correctly.”

Picture snapped of the enormous 50-50 prize at the Grey Cup that still remains unclaimed.

Jeremy Desrochers / Global News


The winning number is w551531.  It this is your ticket you can call the bomber office at 204-784-2583.

The winner has another three weeks to claim the prize.  The other half of the pot has already gone towards amateur football and other charities in Manitoba.

If you don’t have the winning numbers, there is no need to hang onto your ticket.   Under the rules the Winnipeg Blue Bombers signed with the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba, they have to give the possible winner 30 days from the date of the draw to claim their prize, and if it goes unclaimed, the money goes back into the 50-50 program.

“As part of our raffle license…we could apply, for example, to have a larger pot at one of the games in 2016….but right now we are hoping someone comes forwards,” Babij-Gesell said.  “We do hope it’s in a parka pocket somewhere and someone is going to pull it out and have an amazing ticket because they find that ticket within the next three weeks.”

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