10 of the most inspiring Montreal stories of 2015

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MONTREAL – It’s easy to become overwhelmed when watching or reading the news.



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This year, Montreal has seen its fair share of tragedy, from Cédrika Provencher’s remains being found eight years after her disapperance to baby Ellie passing away after her family’s struggle for better healthcare.

Nevertheless, our city still brims with possibilities and positive stories of hope and inspiration.

Montreal is a place filled with people committed to making a difference and shaping a better future.

There are stories of hope and redemption, beating the odds and overcoming unspeakable tragedies, stories of discoveries and of people who lead by example.

Here are just a few of the most inspiring stories Global News covered in Montreal in 2015:

Standing in solidarity

“We’re roommates and best friends and we wanted to show support for all cultures suffering at the hands of terrorism.”

New Yorker Matt Dajer stood tall, hand in hand with his two roommates, Ammar Kandil from Egypt and Thomas Brag, from France to show that the terrorist attacks in Paris can’t break their friendship.

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Matthew Schreindorfer on hope, love and cancer


Matthew Schreindorfer on hope, love and cancer


Matthew Schreindorfer is cancer-free


Matthew Schreindorfer update


Help Save Matthew fundraiser

Matthew Schreindorfer beats cancer

“You can’t imagine your husband, or your high school sweetheart, going through something like this.”

Laval native Matthew Schreindorfer fought and beat cancer after his wife and high school sweetheart Katia Luciani fundraised almost $1 million for experimental treatment in New York.

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Merci, Malyk

Laval police took to Facebook to thank a young man they consider to be a hero.

Officers said 17-year-old Malyk Bonnet helped a woman who had allegedly been kidnapped by her ex.

READ THE STORY: Laval police thank young man for rescuing kidnapped woman

Refugees helping refugees

“I can relate to what those Syrian refugees are going through – and that’s having no hope and no dream.”

Nevello Yoseke, a young player with the Impact’s FC Montreal soccer team, talks about his journey to Canada as a refugee and how he’s now giving back to help Syrians.

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Fundraiser for Sarah Stott


Fundraiser for Sarah Stott


Ottawa rehab support for Sarah Stott


Sarah Stott shares story of courage

Sarah Stott puts her life back together

“It’s just going to be really different to live a day-to-day life, you have to get everything more adaptable for your house.”

Sarah Stott’s life changed forever when she was hit by a freight train, and the thought of starting over was daunting.

READ THE STORY: Montreal accident survivor Sarah Stott looks to the future

Mastectomy miracle

“I thought I was going to get breast cancer. I felt like a ticking time bomb.”

When Karen Malkin-Lazarovitz found out that she had about an 85 per cent chance of getting breast cancer, she had some soul searching to do.

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7 months after treatment: Mai Duong doing well


7 months after treatment: Mai Duong doing well


Mai Duong finds cord blood donor


Mai Duong’s message


Quebec mother desperate search for bone marrow donor

Mai Duong moves on

“I’m doing pretty well. I don’t want to jinx it but things have been pretty good with me. I’ve been very, very lucky.”

Every day is like a breath of fresh air for Mai Duong, the 35-year-old mother who fought – and beat – leukemia twice.

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A charitable birthday

“It’s not fair to them. They once had a home, a job, a loving family and then it was stripped away from them.”

Hannah Ouellette-Schiess, 14, was inspired to do something kind after repeatedly seeing homeless people out on the streets in -20 C weather.

READ THE STORY: Montreal teen celebrates 14th birthday handing out supplies to homeless

P.K. Subban donates $10 million to Montreal Children’s Hospital


P.K. Subban donates $10 million to Montreal Children’s Hospital


Subban inspires young fan to donate


Subban grand donation to Montreal Children’s

Subban’s grand donation

“Every time you walk into this hospital, you’ll know what I stand for.”

Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban has donated $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

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Searching for a Good Samaritan

“Ryan doesn’t remember the accident but since there were no other cars involved, we can only assume that he fell asleep.”

A West Island mother searches for the Good Samaritans who came to her son’s aid after he was involved in a car crash.

READ THE STORY: West Island mom continues search for Good Samaritan who saved her son

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